You Build, We Manage

We understand the needs of developers and builders alike. You have a vision of greatness for your project. What you now need is a 360- degree approach to help you complete that vision. We have the national resources, local experts and vendor relations, and the technological tools to turn your concepts into consistently successful projects. We are your partner to assist before you break ground, your partner in the successful administrative operations of your association, and your partner in the long-term future of your communities.

Day-to-day management of the Association during the developer control period and beyond. First point of contact for all homeowners.
Create a budget for the Association with long term planning. Coordinate the initial reserve study.
Meeting planning and conducting to ensure timely and complete transition from developer to owners

Communication. Collaboration. Community.

The Declarant board member role is an important one. We can help you maintain visibility in the community by creating transparency, providing clear channels for disbursing information and providing a 24-7 customer service team to elevate the homeowner experience. Our Solution Team is staffed with tenured employees who are focused on ensuring your homeowners get the answers they need in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in our Solution Team being a on-stop-shop where anyone can call with any question and the team member can not only assist or dispatch the appropriate vendor but also educate the owner on how to find the information they may need.

In keeping up with technology and the busy schedules of our Declarant Boards, we provide video and telephone conferencing as an option for Board and/or working meetings via Zoom. Our video and phone conferencing meetings can be extended to homeowners, Developers, Board members and management to allow full transparency and accessibility for all members.

We have the experience to understand the fine details before, during and after development

In-house accounting: accurate and timely financial record keeping and reporting is critical. Financial statements and delinquency reports will be prepared and forwarded by the 15th of the following month. Financial record keeping for the Association will be complete and easily understood by the Board. GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, are followed to provide accurate, compliant information in a uniform format.

uManage software operations and technology: leveraging a software designed solely around Community Associations enables our team to maximize customer service, efficiency and productivity. UManage virtually eliminates the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets of information, and as a result, provides Developers/Board Members with comprehensive, up to the minute information via the Board Portal. More specifically, this feature provides all Developers and Board members the ability to view/download real-time reports, view/comment/process ARC requests,  an interactive community map and much more.

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