Take A Tech-Based Approach

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Nova has access to some of the best technology in the Community Association Management industry. After testing many products on the market, we chose the most effective tools to seamlessly integrate our services with your community’s individual needs and provide the best experience possible for your Board and homeowners.


uManage is a software developed specifically for Community Association Management. We use it to maximize customer service, communication, collaboration and productivity by providing your Board with comprehensive, up-to-the minute information via an interactive Board Portal. uManage helps with:

  • Management and submittal of architectural changes
  • Violation enforcement
  • Work order and service requests
  • Owner payments and collections
  • Owner database, information and correspondence
  • Open items and tasks
  • Calendar of events and appointments

Strongroom Solutions

To ensure timely processing of accounts payable and transparent procedures for handling open invoices, Nova utilizes Strongroom Solutions technology. Strongroom provides convenient access to account balances and invoice details. Using Strongroom also allows Board Members immediate access to all invoices from any service provider, payment history and GL codes.

Prelim Communicator

Communication is key for good financial decision making. We utilize a Prelim Communicator, which is a digital checklist that documents important notes, adjustments and decisions between the association manager and an accountant. This process is designed to catch potential discrepancies and encourage helpful collaboration. The end product is electronically filed and serves as a valuable written record for your community’s financial history.

Virtual Meetings

It isn’t always easy for volunteer Community Association Board Members to attend meetings. We provide video and telephone conferencing as an option for Board or working meetings that can be extended to homeowners, Association Board Members or management to allow for transparency and accessibility.

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