Transitioning To A Virtual Workplace

As our nation enters its fourth month battling the COVID-19 pandemic there is no question everyone’s daily lives look dramatically different now. For businesses and workplaces one of the major adjustments made was transitioning to a completely virtual and remote workplace. Thankfully, in a world where technology is paramount, there are seemingly countless tools that enable businesses to continue to work effectively and keep their teams connected. At Nova, we understand the importance of investing in the latest technology. Doing so not only allows us to provide a high level of service to our clients, but also gives our team members the resources they need to complete their work without stretching themselves too thin. The following are only a few of the many ways that we’ve been able to leverage technology during these past few months of working remotely.
  • Virtual Association Meetings: When most people think about homeowners’ associations and association management, the first thing that comes to mind is association meetings. As a strong advocate for virtual meetings even before they became an expectation, all our Regional Association Managers have the knowledge and experience to conduct completely virtual association meetings, no matter the type or complexity.
  • Since transitioning to a ‘virtual meeting only’ business model in March, we’ve been able to seamlessly use our video and telephone conferencing software to hold all scheduled association meetings as planned at no additional cost to our clients!
  • Paperless Commitment: One of the essential initiatives of our company is reduce waste and resources consumed. As such, we operate in a paperless office. Internal documents are stored, edited, and saved on shared access drives & external documents are delivered via email or uploaded to our community portals.
  • Working in a paperless office has become quite common and hopefully something that all organizations are working toward or have already accomplished. Doing so is a vital step toward sustaining the world around us but also offers countless benefits to a company’s internal organization structure and universal accessibility & transparency.
  • Virtual Team Huddles: Teamwork and communication are two of the most important aspects of a successful and efficient business. Historically, this typically most commonly occurs in-person at an office. As work becomes remote and teams no longer have in-person contact, we know keeping our team connected is more important than ever.
  • As a result, all our team members participate in daily video conferences, or simply ‘huddles’, where there is no planned agenda. They are completely open meetings where any questions can be asked, comments or feedback can be given, or advice can be requested.
  • Community Portals: Every Nova community is given a dedicated community portal as a resource to its members. There are an abundance of useful features which have been invaluable during this time. Most notably, many owners have taken advantage of the ability to add and track resident requests, submit architectural modification applications and receive important updates throughout the process, and utilize classified and forum sections to virtually connect with their neighbors and friends.