Get to Know Nova

Nova is a team of innovative, experienced experts within the Community Association Management industry. Our executive leadership team has worked together for more than a decade to solve the most challenging problems faced by Community Associations around the country. Consider us your Community Association Board's personal set of advisors and experts.

Experienced Leadership

Our executive and senior teams have decades of experience working with Community Association Boards. Combining extensive training and real-life know-how, the leaders at Nova craft company-wide philosophies to better serve communities and maximize operational experiences.

Regional Community Association Managers

Nova’s Regional Association Managers are the experts your Community Association Board will collaborate with on a daily basis. We have trained them with certifications through our internal programs, Community Associations Institute (CAI) courses and other industry specific educational opportunities. In an ever-changing business landscape, annual certifications ensure our team is apprised of current legislative and regulatory matters.

Solution Team

Our Solution Team is designed to solve pressing problems quickly. It is a customer service resource with seasoned professionals on call to generate a service request ticket, dispatch the appropriate vendor, and follow the progress of every incident through completion. The Solution Team provides a 24-hour emergency service for calls during nights and weekends.

Vendor Relations

We partner with RealPage Vendor Credentialing, who provides an extensive vendor compliance program that protects our clients. All our vendors are screened through RealPage Vendor Credentialing to ensure the vendor is adequately insured, properly licensed and has no judgments, no outstanding financial obligations, and are not on any government watch lists.

Team Approach

We believe collaboration and communication are the keys to a happy community. Our unique team approach draws on experts in finance, construction, real estate and non-profit association management to bring a level of expertise not found anywhere else in the industry.

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