Fire Extinguishers – Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared to extinguish a small home fire? These fires can come in many forms; overturned or unattended candle, a wall socket overload, or a kitchen grease fire. Reacting quickly helps prevent the sprinklers from being activated. Adding a home fire extinguisher to your safety supplies can help make sure your reaction is more effective. Fire Extinguishers are made to put out small fires that won’t put you at risk. Prior to attempting to use an extinguisher, please make sure 911 has been called and your exit(s) aren’t blocked. Fire extinguishers come in different types and sizes. A recommendation for common extinguishers include one that is rechargeable, one that is rated for A, B and C category fires and one that is 2.5lb or 5lb in size.
Why A, B, C rated?
The ABC categories are as follows:
–          Class A is for trash, wood and paper.
–          Class B is for liquids and gasses (kitchen grease).
–          Class C is for energized electrical sources.
Why 2.5lb or 5lb? There are two sizes that work well in small spaces like condos or rooms in single family homes. Size is the amount of filler material, not the total weight of the extinguisher. We have included a handout on safely using one, below. Resources with more information include; Fire Extinguisher FAQs: How do I know if my Fire Extinguisher is still good? There is a pressure gauge. If the needle is not in the green, it is time to be replaced. How long do Fire Extinguishers last? Manufacturers say most extinguishers should work for 5-15 years. They recommend checking the pressure gauge monthly. Where should I store one in my home or condo? Near the kitchen where gas cooktops may be, under the sink where there may be space for it that is out of direct sight. Close to dining/living rooms where candles may be more consistently used. A hall bathroom that is closer to the bedrooms of your home or in the heat pump/utility room/area that has electrical devices that may cause fires or have some flammable/combustible stored items.