6 Ways Community Associations Have Been Staying Connected During COVID-19

Social Distancing and being confined to our homes, while important, has proven to be challenging for many. Communities around the globe are sharing ways of staying connected during this pandemic – Here are a few ideas to bring people closer while we still keep our distance.
  1. Themed window displays- Associations have placed window displays with various themes to bring spirit to neighbors around them. Some if the themes include: Spring themed or even Star Wars themed!
  2. “Hunts” – communities have been hosting “Hunts” by placing a specific item in their window for neighbors to enjoy while out on walks! For example, there have been Bear Hunts or Spring Egg Hunts where Community members placed stuffed teddy bears or drawings of Spring Eggs in their windows and would share on their Social Media how many they found with a hashtag like; #NovaHOABearHunt.
  3. Rainbow Connections – For a more hope-themed event, Associations have been asking neighbors to place rainbows in their windows for neighbors to see while out on walks to remind each other that the Community is connected!
  4. Virtual Events over a community Zoom call – Ask your HOA Management Company how we can help you host a Community-wide Virtual Event! Feel free to reach out to Nova using the form under the “Contact” Tab.
  5. Using the Community Portal at www.novaamp.com to offer services such as lawn mowing or grocery store pickups for those who aren’t able to leave their homes.
  6. 2020 Graduating Class Celebrations – Communities with 2020 graduates have felt the unfortunate effects of not being able to properly celebrate our graduating seniors. Associations have organized a drive-through celebration where 2020 graduates of any grade, school or program drive through the community at a designated time and neighbors hold signs or wave from their yards or homes in celebration of these graduates’ achievements.
Please share what your community has been doing to stay connected in these trying times by completing the form on the “Contact” tab!